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Jenday Conure.

Appearance: Jenday Conures can easily be confused with Sun Conures. Though they look very similar, the Jenday Conure can easily be distinguished though their dark green wings and their dark orange-red stomachs. They have a golden hood that covers the face, the crown, and the neck. Owing to their colorful appearance, the Sun conure parrot and Jenday conure are highly popular among pet enthusiasts. When getting a pet conure for yourself, you need to make sure that you choose a healthy individual from the pet store. Other than the bright color of its plumage, a healthy bird will be quite active and have sparkling eyes. The Jenday conure is a long living and sociable parrot that displays intelligence that makes the particularly attractive to potential pet owners. In this article we will not only discuss the features of this brightly colored bird that make it a favorite among pet lovers but also the features that make it such a unique specimen in the wild.

Jenday Conure. 239 likes. The Jenday is a small long-tailed conure with reddish orange body, green wings, yellow head, neck, and shoulders, orange cheek. Hand-raised babies make excellent pets, and gold caps have by far the best pet personality of the gold cap, jenday and sun conure group. They are especially sought after by pet shops that have had experiences with them. This is because they tend to maintain their tameness without handling longer than either the jenday or sun conures. While the popular Sun and Jenday Conure can be considered noisy, the Pearly Conure is much quieter. They will often chatter softly, muttering something to themselves, but can also be trained to repeat some basic syllables and words, with a bit of patient training of course.

The Sun Conure is also called the Sun Parakeet. The Sun Conure is one of the most popular birds for families with children. These are fun and curious birds. Sun Conures do some talking and mimicking but they are also known for beind lound in comparison to their size. 26/02/2012 · So i was at a pet store here and they have a sun conure and supposably a jenday in a cage and i think its a baby sun conure because i was there last week and they said it was a jenday and made sense all green wings and stuff but i went today and the bird has a tiny lil bit of yellow on the shoulder of her wing? how can u tell the difference? Product Description Jenday Conure Babies: Jenday Conure is one of the most popular species of birds, and has been kept as pets for many years. The reason behind popularity of this bird according to us is because of the bright colors and exotic beauty.

Browse through available jenday conures for sale by aviaries, breeders and bird rescues. We have 3 Sun Conure 6 weeks old, now being hand fed when weaned they will be eating on their own,. Jenday Conure Bird Classifieds by. 28 Jun 2015 - The Jandaya Parakeet or Jenday Conure Aratinga jandaya is a small Neotropical parrot with green wings and tail, reddish-orange body, yellow head and neck, orange cheeks and black bill native to wooded habitats in north-eastern Brazil. It is a member of the Aratinga solstitialis complex of parakeets very closely related to, and. Jenday Conure. Featherheads Florida, FL We Ship. Handfeeding sweet jenday conure baby. Baby will be weaned onto Zupreem fruity pellets and mixed veggies. $150 deposit will hold until weaned.

Pearly Conure - PetGuide.

Jenday Conure Colors and Markings Jenday Conure has colorful feather markings, much brighter than that of Green Cheeked conures. However, Sun Conures are similarly closer cousins in this aspect. To begin with, its bust feathers head and chest strikes a bright yellow color they are well known for – Yellow Headed Conure.

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