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Hemi Tick? Bad exhaust manifold stud? Normal?.

10/09/2018 · I noticed recently that my car ticks quite loudly on cold starts. I am aware of the notorious hemi tick, however this seems much louder than normal. I would appreciate any input that anyone has. It's 17 Scat with just over 12k miles on it. At this point, I am honestly ready to give up on the car. 29/05/2015 · I know all the hemi's have a tick but my cars is exceptionally loud. I've been to about 3 different dealerships and they all tell me its normal. Two have told me that its the purge valve cutting on and off. I would greatly appreciate any thoughts and comments. I just don't believe that this can be normal. The car has about 16,XXX miles on it. 20/01/2010 · Many here know what we do to stop the Hemi Tick, but we figured that since there are so many new faces here, they may not have heard that you don't have to have it in your engines. We have discussed previously that there are 3 culprits that cause the "Hemi Ticking" that is.

27/01/2007 · The tick is normal. I think what LPD is talking about most likely is the valve spring issue, some Hemi's are having. Myself, and almost everyone else I know that has the new Hemi has the tick. Go over toand do a search for Hemi tick. You'll see. 24/10/2016 · 2016 Charger R/T 700 miles. Only mod is resonator delete. Is this normal? I had a 2006 and I can't recall hearing this sound.

06/04/2013 · So what is the HEMI tick, is it valve issue, oil, broken exhaust manifold bolt? This motor never had this issue until now. Anything that warranty will cover, I have 71,000 kms on it 44,000 miles Show Full Signature "They will not force us, they will stop degrading use, they will not control us, we will be victorious" - Muse. 16/05/2018 · And bought my own mechanics stethoscope. Started the car today, and the very loud tick was no longer there, but the same usual to me tick that it's always had was there. I drove the car about 15 miles as the normal to me tick was always more audible when the.

17/03/2012 · I picked it up from my dealer that day and noticed when I started it, there was still some slight noise. I marched back in and dragged the shop foreman to listen to it. He exclaimed "oh that is the normal hemi tick, this thing will run forever with no problems don't worry about it". 06/12/2014 · The Hemi got a VVT camshaft in 2009. Engine noises should be diagnosed on a case-by-case basis as there is no 'one' single cause. Internet searches for 'Hemi tick' make it sound like a rampant, wide-spread issue as internet searches do. Again people seem to be blaming 'lifters'. The first step in finding a tick is to locate the noise source.

Hemi "tick". Is this normal? Pavement Sucks

20/07/2011 · Don't know if anyone else has noticed this but, the normal tick gets loud about every 25K-35K miles, I have noticed that when I get the spark plugs changed the tick, especially the loud tick sometimes during first starts in the AM, goes away for another 20K or so. 08/10/2016 · Check the octane of your fuel. Lower octane can cause a preignition knock that will sound like a tick in a hemi. Lower octane means it takes less heat to light it off and an engine with higher compression, the compression alone will start the burn instead of the spark plug.

20/12/2016 · in all liklihood you're hearing normal hemi valve train noise, jmoney, bragonmymag, and others. As the lifters are hydraulic there's no adjustment, per se, that i'm aware of. What the dealer will probably should do is a careful listen to make sure that it's not tappet lifter noise. 17/11/2018 · Since Ram released the Hemi again back in 2003, there has always been a tick. My 2004 5.7L had the tick, and my 2012 5.7L has the tick. On the Power Wagon Registry folks talk about the tick with the 6.4L as well. The biggest gripe is the exhaust manifold bolts breaking on the trucks. 02/09/2014 · I have a 2008 Ram 1500 5.7L Hemi. It had the tick really bad, and seemed to get worse almost everyday. The dealer replaced an exhaust manifold gasket, and 2 bolts. The tick got quieter, but never completely gone. I brought it to the dealer 2 more times for ticking noise, but was told nothing is wrong with it, and that the tick is normal. 2005 Dodge Durango Hemi 5.7 with Hemi tick. I noticed the Hemi tick after switching to a non-synthetic oil. I used full synthetic oil until 140k miles. After that I tried regular 5w30 to save money. After 1k miles I noticed the tick when the engine was cold, so i tried synthetic blend, and now the tick is gone.

It’s no secret among engine builders and enthusiasts that hydraulic lifter and associated valvetrain issues have plagued GEN III Chrysler Hemi engines for years. Internet forums are awash with tales of engine failures, high repair bills and annoying noises often referred to as the “Hemi Tick”. Update. As I was driving to the Dodge dealership to drop it off, the noise stopped completely sounds normal. I'm gonna make an appointment and be with the car instead of dropping it off so I can show them them the video, I have no clue what it could be at this point.

22/09/2005 · Is this normal for a hemi to tick like a bad lifter sound? What does the dealer say about the Tick ? just to live with it? Is there a recall for the hemi Tick? What have to done about Your Hemi Tick Anything? i,e. diffent oil or tighten the rocker arms? Im just trying to figure out what to do about my Tick as I don't remember hearing it when I. 07/08/2009 · The "hemi tick" is, unfortunately, a fact of life. There's all sorts of scuttlebutt about various oils making it better/worse. In short, unless it's pretty loud, your stealer is going to say "it's normal." Going to a heavier oil is bad advice. 13/06/2011 · What I dont get is why when the truck is just started and is sitting idling, there is no tick. I can rev it up and still hear nothing. If this is injectors or valves, shouldn't it be making the noise regardless, whether the car is in park of driving? I am getting so tired of this sound. A hemi just should not sound like this.

05/07/2015 · Most Hemi's I've ever been around have a tick. The way I look at it is, the hemi is old. Old tech, old school. Just like the old muscle cars did back in the day, they tick! Kinda what I love about the Hemi. Slightly odd to hear coming from an SUV as refined as. 10/06/2007 · re: hemi tick new to charger forum own 2007 charger SE with 2.7, but also own 2007 ram 2500 with hemi. on the ram forum the hemi tick is well documented all recommended synthetic oil specifically royal purple or mobile 1 the oil weight varies from person to person and truck to truck hope this helps they all say don't let the dealer change your oil. I have a 2008 Ram 1500 5.7L Hemi. It had the tick really bad, and seemed to get worse almost everyday. The dealer replaced an exhaust manifold gasket, and 2 bolts. The tick got quieter, but never completely gone. I brought it to the dealer 2 more times for ticking noise, but was told nothing is wrong with it, and that the tick is normal.

HEMI EXHAUST BOLT BROKEN TICK If you are a Hemi vehicle owner who has a ticking engine, you are for sure not alone. There is the normal "Hemi tick" that just means you have a Hemi that.

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